This is What Happens When You Ask For a Woman-Made Commercial

It happens way too often that director and cinematographer Tasha Van Zandt shows up on a set to find out she’s the only woman there.

She wishes it weren’t such a common occurrence, but it is and even though she’s gotten used to it, she keeps trying to fix it, to change the ratio.

So it was refreshing when Van Zandt got a call to shoot a commercial for ThirdLove that requested as many women as possible be involved in the project, including a female director.

“It was very exciting to hear they wanted a female-driven crew and leadership on the project,” Van Zandt said. “There are no excuses to not have a balanced set. Women make up half of the population and therefore are half of our audience. Not only is the unbalance of women in film an employment discrimination issue, it’s also an issue of relevance. You can’t talk to the whole world by only using a male perspective. It benefits everyone when women are given accurate representation …

How To Build Sewing Skills If You’re An Absolute Beginner

You know, mastering sewing skills requires a great deal of time and effort. Nonetheless, these days, there are numerous chances for even beginners to gain experience of sewing. If you have the correct thinking, you will be studying and sewing clothes in a short time! Don’t forget that most people usually make mistakes in the sewing process for the first time. So will you, but all of these mistakes will promote your sewing ability better.

Then, how to build sewing skills if you’re an absolute beginner? Well, in fact, there are a variety of methods to boost your sewing skills. However, in the following article, we will show you six main steps to learn how to sew better via a seger machine for beginners.

Eager to learn more about them? Don’t hesitate anymore but scroll down to get our instructions! Let’s check it out!

How To Build Sewing Skills If You’re An Absolute Beginner?

1. Set Your Final Goal

In the beginning, we advise you to have a certain …

How to Waist Train Effectively? (#3 is the most important step)

It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to waist training. Or you’ve finally decided to get serious about it after much contemplation. These tips will tell you best waist trainer benefits and how to waist train effectively.

There’s plenty of talk going around about waist training. And how it works to tone the body, giving it the perfect hourglass shape. If you want that, here’s how you can waist train without hurting yourself.

How to Waist Train Effectively

  1. Fit and size

Just like sports bras with non removable pads, not all waist trainers will fit you. Even if it’s the size you want to fit in. You have to get realistic about the fit and size of a waist trainer. By taking into consideration your body type, height, and weight.

Women want to get rid of their muffin top with waist training. And so they choose to buy the smallest size possible. All this does is squeeze your abdominal muscles. Not to forget, this will harm your internal organs …

Guide To Choose Costumes For Actors-How To Do It Properly?

Properly getting dressed in suitable costumes is crucial to any actor. Hence, in this post, we will provide you with a guide to choose costumes for actors!

A gorgeous and charming costume will decide how much impression an actor makes on his/her audience. Therefore, if you tend to set your first steps on the acting career, you should know how to get dressed appropriately. What’s more, wearing a suitable and comfy costume can boost your performance on the stage. In contrast, an unattractive outfit will make you feel unconfident in front of your fans.

In reality, some actors sometimes make mistakes in choosing their right clothes. As we all know, the breast is a wonderful and attractive gift that nature awards women. However, when they get older, the breast area tends to sag. For this reason, to maintain their beauty, actresses should opt for the best waist trainer for plus sizebest minimizer bras for large breasts. Or else, the natural beauty may come with an adverse effect …