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Rabbi Irwin Kula
Disruptive Spiritual Innovation, a lecture previewing the upcoming book Search Engine for Meaning (release date not yet announced)

Sponsored by Bob & Robyn Loup

Technological innovation and sociological transformations are dramatically altering the ways we form our identities, establish communities, and acquire the resources to fashion meaningful, purposeful, and spiritual lives. Every domain is being disrupted – newspapers and music, retail and government, taxis and hotels, health and education.  How are the products, services, and delivery systems of religion in general and Judaism in particular being disrupted? How are new technologies weakening institutional religion and enabling us to become our own search engines for meaning? In what new ways are people gathering and designing mixes and blends of religious wisdom and spiritual practice that are more accessible, usable and good enough to do the job religion is supposed to get done: help us flourish as human beings.

Rabbi Irwin Kula is President of Clal–The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership a do-tank committed to making Jewish a Public Good. A thought leader on the intersection of innovation, religion, and human flourishing, Irwin has worked with leaders from the Dalai Lama to Queen Noor and, as one of the leaders shaping the American spiritual landscape, received the 2008 Walter Cronkite Faith and Freedom Award for his work “toward equality, liberty and a truly inter–religious community.”  He is the Co-founder and Executive Editor of The Wisdom Daily, found at www.thewisdomdaily.com. A popular commentator in both new and traditional media, Irwin is the author of the award-winning book, Yearnings: Embracing the Sacred Messiness of Life (2006), creator of the acclaimed film, Time for a New God (2004), and the Public TV series Simple Wisdom (2003), and is co-founder with Craig Hatkoff and Clay Christensen of the Disruptor Foundation.