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Josh Aronson

Orchestra of Exiles

You’ll love it if:  You thought that the film of the same name was one of the best films shown at the 2013 Denver Jewish Film Festival , loved the book The Inextinguishable Symphony and want to hear from the Academy Award-nomination writer, producer and director of the film.

“The true artist does not create art as an end in itself. He creates art for human beings. Humanity is the goal.”—Bronislaw Huberman


As seen in Aronson’s documentary Orchestra of Exiles, the story chronicles the compelling biography of violinist Bronislaw Huberman, who founded the Palestine Symphony Orchestra and saved hundreds of people from the Nazi concentration camps. His greatest legacy was forming the Palestine Symphony Orchestra, which would become the lauded Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. Huberman arranged the safe passage of hundreds of Jewish musicians and their families out of Nazi-controlled territories. Arranging for the great Arturo Toscanini to conduct the orchestra’s first concert, Huberman’s triumph of art over cruelty reverberated around the world.
Josh Aronson is an Academy Award-nominated documentary and film writer, producer, and director. He has worked with Showtime, PBS, the Discovery Channel, and others, and his films have won awards at festivals all over the world. He is also a concert pianist and regularly plays chamber music in New York and at the Telluride Musicfest, the chamber music festival he founded in 2002 with his wife, violinist Maria Bachmann.