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The new solo show written, researched and performed by Jack Fry

Sponsored by TriCuzz Productions

Einstein comes back from the beyond.  Upset with the way his image has been cheapened, he tells us the remarkable, suspenseful, and sometimes harrowing story behind relativity and his struggles as a father.

It’s Berlin 1914; Albert Einstein awaits news from an eclipse expedition that will prove his theory of general relativity.  But Einstein is sent sideways in a world crumbling around him due to The Great War, colleagues stealing his theories, being isolated for his pacifist views, a wife who won’t give him a divorce, his failing health, a huge scientific backlash, anti-Semitism, his own self destructive genius and a young son fighting for his father’s affections.

It’s Einstein at his peak. Until now, no one knew the trials he went through and the struggle and heart it took for Albert Einstein not only to prove relativity, but to be the father he always wanted to be.

It’s the historic drama that made his hair “crazy”—subsequently ushering our modern technological age.  Based on the recently released information about this curious man, Jack Fry breathes life into one of the most intriguing icons of all time.


“Fry sensitively captures in Einstein! the personal and scientific upheaval it seems that we are collectively bound to repeat soon. ” -Raw Science

“It all may be relative, but this show is a guarantee.” Jewish Journal

“… funny, touching and intimate.” -Huffington Post

“As a writer and performer, Jack Fry has created an Einstein we haven’t see before.” -Totaltheater.com

“The audience has no trouble believing Fry is Einstein.” -London Free Press