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Women in Sink
Followed by Lookout and Longing; Short Film, Israel Women Through the Lens
Sunday, February 12
10:15 a.m.
Director: Iris Zaki
2015/Israel/36 minutes
Hebrew with English Subtitles
Director Level: Sponsored Screening


How does a documentary filmmaker get Israeli women to reveal their most intimate secrets? Hint: It involves water and shampoo.

The director of this short film literally gets her hands in on the action when she installs a camera over the sink of a local hair salon in a Christian-Arab neighborhood of Haifa, shampooing the clientele as she documents their conversations. What results is a casual, light, but direct look at life in Israel from women of all faiths.

Women in Sink has screened at many prestigious international film festivals, including the IDFA, AFI Docs, and the Hamptons International Film Festival. It has won multiple awards, including Best Short Documentary (Haifa International Film Festival), Special Jury Award (Karlovy Vary Film Festival), and Most Innovative Mid-Length Film (Visions Du Reel). Colorado Premiere.

Following Women in Sink and followed by Longing; Short Film, Israel Women Through the Lens

Director Level Sponsored Screening
Director: Noa Gusakov
2016/Israel/19 minutes
Hebrew with English Subtitles


Timmy is a young woman whose IDF assignment is to monitor surveillance footage for unusual or subversive activity. As a diversion from her mundane routine, she creates an imaginative, childish world, which sets her apart in the regimented military. The whimsical world that Timmy escapes to completely shatters when she is confronted by real military responsibility.

Lookout has previously screened at Jewish film festivals in Toronto, Gainesville, and Houston. Colorado Premiere.

Following Women in Sink and Lookout; Short film, Israel Women Through the Lens
Director: Nadav Mishali
2014/Israel/20 minutes
Hebrew with English Subtitles
Director Level Sponsored Screening


The deterioration in the intimacy between a lonely Orthodox homemaker and her husband makes her suspect her husband’s true identity. Longing renders a human portrait of an introverted woman who is aching to find connection and meaning.

Longing has previously screened at over 25 festivals including the Washington Jewish Film Festival. Winner of several awards including “Best Short Film” at the LGBT Film Festival of Toronto, 2015. Colorado Premiere.