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Curt Lowens: A Life of Changes
Sunday, February 12
3:00 p.m.

Followed by a showing of Every Face Has a Name
Director: Righteous Conversations Digital Storytelling Workshop
2014/USA/7 min
Documentary/ Short/Holocaust
English, No Subtitles
Followed by a showing of Every Face Has a Name
Director Level Sponsored Screening

The product of the 2014 Righteous Conversations Digital Storytelling Workshop, this student-made short film brings Holocaust Survivor Curt Lowens’ story to life.


Utilizing animation, claymation, and a conversational tone, this short is a lighthearted counterpoint to Every Face Has A Name while still emphasizing the importance of Holocaust education.

Curt Lowens has screened at Jewish film festivals in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C.

Every Face Has a Name
Director: Magnus Gertten
2016/Sweden/73 minutes
Documentary/ Holocaust/ History
Swedish, Polish, Norwegian with English Subtitles


Discovering themselves anew in old archival footage, Holocaust survivors are transported in time as they share profoundly moving recollections of being ferried to freedom in Every Face Has a Name. –Atlanta Jewish Film Festival

Filmmaker Magnus Gretten shows Holocaust survivors a film reel archiving their arrival in Malmö, Sweden on April 28, 1945, the day they were liberated from the German camps. As they identify and recognize themselves, they cease to be anonymous faces in a large crowd of stunned refugees. Detailing their war experiences, Elsie, Bernard, Nerit, and other survivors reveal stories about escape, survival, and starting life again– mirroring refugee stories taking place around the world today.

Offering a thought-provoking commentary on the global refugee crisis, Every Face Has a Name intercuts present-day images of war evacuees from Africa and the Middle East, a reminder of humanity’s ongoing responsibility towards sheltering displaced persons regardless of homeland (Atlanta Jewish Film Festival). Every Face Has a Name has screened at the Miami Jewish Film Festival, the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival, and the Toronto Jewish Film Festival. It is the recipient of the Göteborg International Film Festival Church of Sweden Film Award, and the Filmfest Hamburg Political Film Award. Colorado Premiere.