Pardon Our Dust

Renovations on the new Elaine Wolf Theatre are underway! As we have announcements about the project, we will post them here. The Elaine Wolf Theatre Construction Update – Week of June 20, 2011 Well, we never found the storm sewer, but excavations did reveal an "ancient" parking lot nine feet underground!   We believe it to

Splendor and Awe–The Visionary Midrash of Nahum HaLevi

An infant Moses with a beard. A legendary female judge astride a pink horse. A prophet teletransported into another space and time. Putting one story into a mirror, doing some sleight-of-hand, and pulling another story out of the mirror. . . Splendor and Awe

Splendor and Awe The Visionary Midrash Of Nahum HaLevi Mizel Arts& Culture Center Singer Gallery 350 South Dahlia Street Denver, Co 80246 303-316-6330